Shelly Zeller Is Now Owner!

Dear Readers,

It was as we signed the contract today that Shelly, your new Owner/Publisher/Editor, and I realized it was exactly ten years ago that I purchased the Alden Advance from Shelly’s mother Beth. She had been the Owner/Publisher/Editor for ten years. Seems that is the lifespan of sorts, but I do believe Shelly is going to break that trend.

It has been an honor and an adventure having been the Publisher of this fine “hyper local” newspaper. Over the years I have enjoyed explaining to people why our little paper is so important and still relevant.

In the years I have owned the Advance many, many other papers have folded. I was always a little worried and always curious about the industry and the health of journalism and newspapers in our country and region. In a nutshell what I have learned is that strong communities want and support local newspapers.

The term hyper local describes what our slogan at the Advance says so well, all the news you can’t find on Google.

My time in the Navy Reserve gave me a great chance to talk about the Advance to a wide range of people from small and large markets. That is where I had the most opportunity to answer the questions about the reason I chose to take on the challenge, the viability of a small weekly paper in modern times and how to make the business model work. The real answer to most questions is all of you, the readers. When we lose your attention, your support and caring then the paper will cease to matter and soon be gone. I for one hope that never happens! My family and I will always be supporters of the Advance and I hope you will also continue to support Shelly and the paper. Spread the word, give it as a gift, support our advertisers and just keep reading. One transitional point that simply has to happen is related to the area a paper covers. Small papers have nearly all become regional papers to survive. That means you will likely see more about Freeborn, Conger, Wells, Walters, Manchester and now with some combined sports you may even see an article or two about Glenville!

Thank you to all the loyal readers of the Alden Advance! Our great little paper was one of the first things that endeared this area to me and my family when we first moved here in 1998 and it is still a great part of the community. I am happy to turn over the responsibilities and opportunities to Shelly and let her form it into what is needed to stay viable and support all of us. It has been a great ride!!


Paul W. Jensen

Owner and Publisher

of the Alden Advance



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